sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

How to protect your hair from the sun

So summer is here, and form what I see, just few actually 
take care or prep their hair for the summer.
If u didn't know the sun Burns your hair, and it ruins it for
 the long term. 
Don't say: " Yah it is just 2 months it will be OK" It Wont
 be Ok!!!
Here I bring you a a few quick tips, that if u use them u 
 might get lucky and have a beautiful and 
shiny hair for the summer and the rest of your life.... :)

1.Wear a hat . head covering acts as a barrier from direct
2.Put conditioner through your hair before heading to the
 beach . Do not rinse. This will become a deep conditioning
 treatment for your hair, and help protect it from sun damage.
3.Put your hair in a braids. 
4.Home made sun screen-. Mix 1 teaspoon of sunscreen lotion
 with SPF of 25 or higher with 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle.
spray your hair every couple hours while in the sun.


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