sábado, 1 de dezembro de 2012

Rock toned hair like Christina Aguilera

If you have been feeling bored this winter and want to spice up your day , here you have the solution. it can get messy but i bet it will be fun!

Pink, purple, blue,green , red Everything goes!!

It is so fun and cool that you just have to do it!
u can see a few examples and i am adding a tutorial for those who want to do it your self at home

How to dip dye your hair

How to dye your hair with chalk

segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

Wear it like the princess that you are- The Cape

Yes, Finally it is getting g a little bit colder and we can start thinking what we are going to cover up with, which coat or in this case a Cape!!!
This winter I suggest you ladies to go for a different way to get warm and cozy.. Lets do it and feel like a princess.
This element is fun and individual it bring out the style in you and it fits well with any outfit.
This type of coat suits and body type and figure
It is classic and never goes out of style

If you are short find a cape that is waist length  If you are tall find a cape with a thigh length.


quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

2nd Day & Faith Connexion - The next Thing

And here we go back again for the high fashion:

I have been seeing this name lately  all over the fashion magazine and online..2ND DAY, at the beginning I didn't understand what they mean with  2nd...  And then I figured it is the brand name and not what you wear on the 2nd day of the week!!!! HA HA HA
It is seems this new brand from  Day Birger ET Mikkelson  fashion house is very hot , it mixes the catwalk and tailoring fashion ,very unique in their Scandinavian way

And then I have been coming across as well with this label :FAITH CONNEXION . It is a French Fashion House. Luxury contemporary brand  that has all the ingredients of the Parisian  chic .

As you cam see both of this labels are very updated and stylish and keep with the daily trend in a very sophisticated way

It is just make me wanna screammmmmmmmmmmmm

2nd Day  :    http://www.day.dk/- Buy it here


 Faith Connexion    http://www.faithconnexion.com/   Buy it here



sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

On line fashion shops in affordable prices

We talk about fashion all the time, and we name the designers and shops.
I think it is time to talk about those website that you can find  your favorite item in a affordable price .
This is for those ( and  me ;)  that can't buy in high prices.
After a research here are some of the best website that everybody loves!
Use it and enjoy it!

New Look brings you the Spring seasons hottest fashion in womens clothing, mens fashion, for teens and kids

Find stylish accessories and jewelry for young women and girls

Jennyfer collections constantly renewed appeals to girls who love mixing their look without breaking the bank.


Discover our lookbook clothes online. Fashion vintage clothes, vintage accessories and retro clothing for young and career women


Discover the women's fashion clothing, lingerie and accessories at a smart pric


Shop Online or Nearest Store for Women's Shoes, Children's Shoes, Men's Shoes, and Designer Shoe Styles

Women clothing shop : FInd out our lingerie collection, clothes, swimwear, accessories and a lot of great deals with Etam.


sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

PuT A Ring on IT

Lets talk about jewelry, it can't be only about the clothes, what is a perfect outfit without some jewelry and we all love  a nice beautiful ring.
This winter the biggest trend is the biggest ring!
Forget about the nice girlie gentle ring, like this winter is all about the color and be notes, as well with the jewelry.
Take out your biggest ring, or if you come across in your favorite store with this  Trend buy it, it is always good to have option when u choose your outfit.
It this photos you have 3 trends:
Big Rings
Nail ring!!!
And knuckle ring rings
Either one, and you are in the right direction to fashion!!!
Have fun with it, there are no limits!!!!

Shop for your perfect ring here -click
And here -click

segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Put some Mustard on it

One of the hottest colors on the runways this winter is the great  Mustard.I know that you might think, that it doesn't flatter you, but I can tell you ladies , if you know how to wear it you will look Damm good!!!.
This winter the Retro, 70s´style is very in and this mustard goes very well with does styles.
Look well at the pictures, I bring you here a variety and you can maybe find something  that looks almost the same in your closet or in your favorite store.
It  can be even a bag ,shoe or a belt, as long it is Mustard  you will be Retro and fashionable 

Byblos                                                                                                    Jaeger London
Elie Tahari                                                                                              Paul & Joe

Burberry                                                                                                Tracy Reese

Tibi                                                                                                         Tibi

segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

The Wrap Dress

I t  is  always nice to start your week with a little bit of fashion.  I can say that it helps to get your day going.
This week we are going to see the Wrap Dress that is very popular now because it is 70s´ style that is back.
The Wrap Dress is just amazing, if it is for summer of for winter, is is easy to wear and accessories, and  makes  you look elegant and stylish.
If you already have one in your closet take it out and start to  wear it Today!!! if not get to the shopping mall and find a nice pattern wrap dress or uni color  everything goes.

In the shops you will find wrap dresses in all sorts of fabrication from, knit, woven, silk, cotton, linen, and many others
Wrap dresses are very versatile and can be worn solo or with tights. Some wrap dresses are cut short to go with skinny jeans or  leggings.
The good thing with wrap dress is that it flatters all body types and flows with you body.