quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

2nd Day & Faith Connexion - The next Thing

And here we go back again for the high fashion:

I have been seeing this name lately  all over the fashion magazine and online..2ND DAY, at the beginning I didn't understand what they mean with  2nd...  And then I figured it is the brand name and not what you wear on the 2nd day of the week!!!! HA HA HA
It is seems this new brand from  Day Birger ET Mikkelson  fashion house is very hot , it mixes the catwalk and tailoring fashion ,very unique in their Scandinavian way

And then I have been coming across as well with this label :FAITH CONNEXION . It is a French Fashion House. Luxury contemporary brand  that has all the ingredients of the Parisian  chic .

As you cam see both of this labels are very updated and stylish and keep with the daily trend in a very sophisticated way

It is just make me wanna screammmmmmmmmmmmm

2nd Day  :    http://www.day.dk/- Buy it here


 Faith Connexion    http://www.faithconnexion.com/   Buy it here



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