segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

Wear it like the princess that you are- The Cape

Yes, Finally it is getting g a little bit colder and we can start thinking what we are going to cover up with, which coat or in this case a Cape!!!
This winter I suggest you ladies to go for a different way to get warm and cozy.. Lets do it and feel like a princess.
This element is fun and individual it bring out the style in you and it fits well with any outfit.
This type of coat suits and body type and figure
It is classic and never goes out of style

If you are short find a cape that is waist length  If you are tall find a cape with a thigh length.


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  1. Me gustan esos abrigos porque son cómodos para usarse y tener los brazos libres .... Gracias por la moda ...