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How to go blond the Natural way

Today I had the funniest and stylish costumer ( I work at   a hair saloon in Sagres,Portugal), she is blond and she ask me if I know a natural way to keep her blond, as with time it goes darker. So just for her I did this research and I hope it will help her and some more to keep it blond the natural way!!

1.Sippin' on some Chamomile
 You can apply the Chamomile tea directly to your hair . do not rinse the Chamomile out of your hair. Just let the Chamomile tea dry as you would water.
2.Squeeze some lemon juice (from two lemons) in your hair. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, then wash it out using shampoo followed by conditioner. Repeat this once a week.dont use too mush lemon juice or your hair will look terrible!.
3.There is, one recipe that works for light brown hair . You have to mix chamomile, rhubarb, marigold, lemon juice, mullein and just a tiny dot of hydrogen peroxide. Pour water over this mixture, let it steep overnight and sit in the sun ideally from 11:30 to 2:45. The amounts can be varied, but you really can do no wrong with this mixture.After several tests we've determined that it doesn't turn your hair orange or urine-yellow.
4.If you have dirty blond hair, and want it to look lighter, use this old wife's trick! Put 1/2 cup of lemon juice and mix it with 1/2 cup shampoo in a bowl. Then add 1/2 cup of water! Get the mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Evenly spray the solution on your hair once a day, before you go outside, to get the best results! You just need to spray your hair until it is a little wet, not soaking

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